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The game features an anthropomorphic hedgehog named sonic in a quest to defeat dr. Great value was created for rage really amateur games expo a yearly competition thats all about making deliberately crappy sonic games.

Sonic The Hedgehog Playstation 3 Gamestop

Sonic the hedgehog commonly referred to as sonic 06 is a 2006 platform game developed by sonic team and published by segait was produced in commemoration of the sonic series 15th anniversary and intended as a reboot for the seventh generation video game consolesplayers control sonic shadow and new character silver who battle solaris an ancient evil pursued by doctor eggman.

Sonic the hedgehog game value. We have all the best sonic games. Rage 2019 read more play the full game free. We have the ever popular final fantasy sonic series as well as all of the sonic rpg episodes.

We also have retro sonic roms from the days of sega genesis as well as hacked. Before we start its worth noting that sonic the hedgehog. Other games developed by various studios include spin offs set in the racing fighting.

Great value sonic the movie the game. Sonic the hedgehog is a platform game developed by sonic team and published by sega for the sega genesis console. Robotnik a scientist who has imprisoned animals in robots and stolen the powerful chaos emeralds.

It was released in north america in june 1991 and in pal regions and japan the following month. This is the ultimate sonic the hedgehog site. No more wading through slow sites loaded with ads.

Great value is a very silly fan made sonic game where sonic is every bit the musclebound mutant thats been shown in the sonic movie promotional art. Finally all of the sonic the hedgehog games have been compiled into one easy to use site. Sonic the hedgehog is a japanese video game series and media franchise created by sonic team and owned by segathe franchise centers on sonic an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog who battles the evil doctor eggman a mad scientistthe main sonic the hedgehog games are platformers developed by sonic team.


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