Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Emerald Hill Zone

Megamank284 recommended for you. Hill top zone hiru toppu lit.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Genesis Emerald Hill Zone 3d Framed

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Sonic the hedgehog 2 emerald hill zone. 50 videos play all mix emerald hill zone enhanced sonic the hedgehog 2 genesis music extended hd youtube unapologetic sonic knuckles duration. Sega genesis release. Sonic the hedgehog 2 composers.

It is the second main entry in the sonic the hedgehog series and introduced sonics sidekick miles tails prower controllable by a second playerin the story sonic and tails must stop series antagonist dr. Emerald hill zone emerarudo hiru lit. Did you know if you play the sonic 2 beta the one with hidden palace beta when you go to the checkpoint in emerald hill zone act 2 theres usally a checkpoint before the boss but where you go where the checkpoint usually was eggman starts at that point.

Sonic the hedgehog 2 is a platform game developed and published by sega for the sega genesis console released worldwide in november 1992. Emerald hill is the first zone of sonic the hedgehog 2. As with most other stages in the game hill top zone consists of two standard acts with a boss fight at the end of act 2.

This is the music for the 1 player stage of emerald hill zone in sonic 2. This zone is very similar to emerald hill zone. This stage features lava pits and.

Sega genesis sonic the hedgehog 2 takes place after the first game and this time there are ten zones instead of six plus sonic gets a sidekick a two tailed fox named miles tails prower. It is a tropical paradise on the shores of west side island. Sonic 2 emerald hill zone music extended to play for 10 hours game.

Play download or share the midi song sonic the hedgehog 2 emerald hill zonemid from your web browser. Although emerald hill zone is not visited by sonic the hedgehog and his friends quite as often as with green hill zone the zone. Listen to sonic the hedgehog 2 emerald hill zonemid a free midi file on bitmidi.

24 videos play all sonic the hedgehog 2 ost deoxysprime megamank284 plays robotniks revenge time attack modesuper sonic duration. Hill top is the fifth zone in sonic the hedgehog 2. Ivo robotnik from stealing the chaos emeralds.

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