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Doctor robotnik is the main antagonist of the sonic the hedgehog film. Sonic the hedgehog x hedgehogmalereader.

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You were a special light blue hedgehog love for speedyou move to bygone island unfortunate for you you didnt want too your parent just suggest to move to that place and have friends but what got your interest to move was that you were moving were the blue cocky hedgehog live.

Sonic the hedgehog 2019 x reader. So i took the liberty into making one so enjoy btw your tail is just like the picture and your mobian so put yourself in the tail k enough intro lets go. Robotnik is an average sized man with dark brown almost black hair peach skin brown eyes and a mustache. He is an eccentric scientist that plots to capture sonic the hedgehog in order to drain and harness his powers.

Sonic the hedgehog x reader one shots. Read the new hedgehog from the story sonic x reader by ayamefugiwara ayame fugiwara with 10640 reads. But where has he been for the past years.

Amy never knew she only was able to talk to him by letters but when she doesnt reply her big brother gets worried and comes to the city she lives in. Trust me moviesonic x reader 112k 297 128 yn the daughter of tom wachowski and maddie wachowski befriends the famous blue blur known as sonic the hedgehog. Sonic x reader sonic forces wattys 2019 fanfiction.

Amy rose has an older brother. Love for speed sonic x reader 131k 29k 1k you were a special light blue hedgehog love for speedyou move to bygone island unfortunate for you you didnt want too your parent just suggest to move to that place. Sonic various x femhedgehogmagicalreader add to library 44 discussion 32 browse more love friendship video games.

This is the first fanfiction ive done on wattpad so it might be bad but like in the title this is based on after sonic forces the videogame which is available to play on ps4 and xbox so if you arent familiar with the ending of the game search. After succeeding in capturing sonic tails gets a hold of files and changes her mission. What do the sonic characters think of you.

She ends up not remembering anything and accepts sonic as her father. Ashley love friendship video games december 11 2016. Hey ive always seen sonic team x reader but not mermaid reader.

You have been sent to stop him but youre gonna need help with defeating him. She is based off of shadow the hedgehog and looks very much like him. Sonic the hedgehog but once you saw him and get to know him you felt something weirdlike a pain in the stomach.

Tails x readeroc serenity is the creation of dr.

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