Sonic The Hedgehog Character Quiz

Well what are you waiting for. What do you do in your spare time.

Sonic The Hedgehog Quiz How Well Do You Really Know The Blue Blur

In celebration of sonic the hedgehog hitting theaters tomorrow we had the stars of the film james marsden and ben schwartz take a buzzfeed quiz to find out which sonic the hedgehog.

Sonic the hedgehog character quiz. A comprehensive database of more than 35 sonic the hedgehog quizzes online test your knowledge with sonic the hedgehog quiz questions. Take this quiz and see who you are. Well this quiz can tell you.

Sonic or mario who are you. This test will tell you which sonic character you are most like. I included all the characters except big the cat.

Amy rose the hedgehog sticks the honey badger tails the fox and sonic the hedgehog. What is your weakness. 3 you love adventure and danger.

Have you played a sonic game and asked yourself which character you relate to. You think you know much about sonic game characters right. What do you think.

I would be disappointed if you get a low score here. Whichever you get it doesnt matter about gender just the description of your personality. Just take the quiz and show how much you know about the characters in the sonic world.

Maybe not but at least some of you reading this have probably. Test your own knowledge about many of the characters in the sonic universe. Come take this sonic character quiz.

Our online sonic the hedgehog trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top sonic the hedgehog quizzes. It tells you which of the characters you are most like based on personality. Sonic tails knuckles amy blaze big shadow cream rouge e 123 omega or a cuddly little chao.

What is your favorite sonic game. Are you free spirited like the blue blur or are. Do you play sonic the hedgehog video games or watch sonic on televisiion.

If so you should probably take this quiz. 428 out of 5 57 votes 20. Sonic the hedgehog you got sonic.

Its a quiz to see what sonic character you are so go nuts. Youre cool kind sporty and a little cocky but you have one of the biggest hearts out there. What is your favorite color.

What kind of person are you. If your wondering why its because f at ck him. This is for you girls who go maniac over sonic the hedgehog.

Which is most like you. What kind of pet do you havewant. Which female character are you.

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