Sonic The Hedgehog Queen Aleena

Robotnik took over and placed a bounty on her children. Technically both the narrator and queen aleena die in the first page.

Queen Aleena Hedgehog By Metroxlr On Deviantart

She spends the series on the run from her own children until the time is right to reveal herself.

Sonic the hedgehog queen aleena. Because of a prophesy foretold to her she was forced to give up her three children. Sonic manic and sonia must fight dr. Queen aleena hedgehog is a character in the sonic underground television series.

Queen aleena hedgehog was the beloved leader in mobotropolis city of the sonic underground dimension and mother to sonic the hedgehog sonia the hedgehog and manic the hedgehogshe was forced off her throne when dr. In early concept art made during the early development of sonic underground. Robotnik and his two sidekicks sleet and dingo and the.

Queen aleena hedgehog sonic hedgehog sonia hedgehog manic hedgehog. She is an anthropomorphic hedgehog and the mother of sonic manic and sonia. When sonic hedgehog and his sibling manic hedgehog and sonia hedgehog go to the supermarket with their mother queen aleena they all want to get different types of cereal but to their dismay.

Queen aleena the hedgehog is a character in the cartoon series sonic underground. Former queen aleena hedgehogjules hedgehog. Its okay they get better.

The queen aleena chronicles is the second dvd of sonic underground episodes to be released. She is the mother of sonic manic and sonia. She is an anthropomorphic quill less hedgehog with violet eggplant hair and cloak as well as purple fur and green eyes.

Episodes wedding bell blues when doctor robotnik announces his plans to marry queen aleena the shocked sonic sonia and. Robotnik has his sights set upon queen aleenas crown jewel which glows as it is moved closer her. The total running time of the dvd is approximately 88 minutes.

She had to give them up in order for the prophecy to become true. The mother of the sonic underground group and former ruler of mobius before robotniks takeover. She is also the original leader of the freedom fighters.

Published by ncircle entertainment on 18 december 2007 this dvd consists of four episodes of sonic underground. Her crown and the slightly thick piece of cloth.

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